🐶 Dog Stress Relief – What To Do About Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety – Dog Stress Relief 🐶

Dogs may possess different behavioral problems. They can range from separation anxiety to aggression. Just like human beings, dogs are affected with daily stress leading them to act irrationally.

Most people know how to handle their stress which is a disadvantage for dogs. Here are the top ten tips that can be used to treat your dog’s stress and anxiety.

  1. Regular daily exercise. This includes playing, walking, swimming or organizing a dog park trip. This physical activity not only will release stress from your dog but also will lead to a healthier and longer life.
  2. Mental stimulation. Regular exercise can be combined with mental stimulation. Assemble different toys to entice your dog.
  3. Crate training. This mostly comes in during pet transportation. It also provides your dog with a haven. It makes them feel safe and comfortable in their spacious home.
  4. Dog yoga (Yoga participation with your dog). Introduce your dog to yoga practice. Combine gentle massage and relaxed poses, it helps create a unique bond between you and your dog.
  5. Security blanket. You combine with toys. Try using items with your scent, for instance, a blanket, towel, an old shirt, that makes your dog feel more secure.
  6. Calming Background noise. For instance, the use of classical music has played an important role in calming your dog. Calming sounds while we are out, can provide a comfortable zone for your dog. Some owners leave their television on to keep their dogs company when they are busy.
  7. Attitude. You should try to remain calm when your dog is stressed out. Your calmness will stimulate your dog and start calming them down.
  8. Sensitize your dog to their stress trigger. For example, the dog may react negatively towards its fellow canines. It’s essential to introduce them to smaller animals which are less intimidating.
  9. Wrapping them in a blanket. Wrap them in the blanket over your lap and spend more time with them. This is a true comfort zone for them.
  10. Do away with sedatives. Use other natural alternatives for dogs suffering from panic attacks. These may be during thunderstorms, moving, fireworks. Use of sedative medication may lead to further injury, sudden death, health problems, etc.

It’s more important to bond with our precious pests when they’re in or out of stress instead of using drugs. The above ten tips will relieve your dog from stress which eventually leads to a healthy and stress-free life.


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